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As seen on The Today Show with Toy Insider Mom.
Wearables by Kid Constructions featured on the Today Show 'Made in America' segment with Toy Insider Mom, Laurie Schacht.The Wearables line is eco friendly, biodegradable, and recyclable. All products are proudly designed, produced, and packed in the USA.


CNNAs seen on CNN 7 Hot Toys for the Holidays:
Joe Casali, an industrial designer, got the idea for Wearables
from his day job designing corrugated cardboard displays for stores... READ FULL STORY

time to playCheck out this review from Time to Play:
Wearables is a collection of creative constructable toys for kids, which, as the name implies, they can wear. Featuring multiple
die-cut, corrugated cardboard pieces, Wearables offers construction play... Read Full Story

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“Wearables, a do-it-yourself costume that is part costume, part craft and all fun. Kids can turn the plane into an art project, and decorate it the way they want. I love toys that get kids' creative juices flowing.”

“The Wearables line is eco-friendly, biodegradable, and recyclable (LOVE THAT!).”

“Wearables are a fun costume idea- it's heavy-duty cardboard that comes in a box.”

“Pretend play is so important for children, so when I heard about Wearables by Kid Constructions, I was anxious to have Quinn try out this fun product.”

“What is better than a homemade costume. I heard about Wearables my Kid Construction which are wearable costumes that the kids can color and decorate themselves and then you put them together.”

When the kids walked out onto the porch, they were kind of starry-eyed like, “What is all this awesomeness?”. Then they sat right down and colored for at least 45 minutes. FOURTY-FIVE MINUTES!!” My husband truly thought it would end up in the recycles by the end of the evening from all the wear and tear their friends would put on it. But it held up

"These mini projects give her something to do other than watch television, and she enjoys the process way more."

“What a fun new way to incorporate a child's love for coloring with wearable art. Not only will they spend hours getting their dozer, princess carriage or stunt plane ready to wear, but they will spend hours wearing these fun and unique constructable toys around the house and outdoors.”


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